Welcome to today’s episode of Lane Urich Report, I’m Chris Hoffman. We have the pleasure of talking with Tony Moy, a mixed-media artist based in downtown Chicago. With a focus on watercolor and gouache, Tony has made a name for himself in the art world, publishing his works in books from X-files, Dungeons and Dragons, Memory Collectors, Mainstream – Zeniscope, IDW, Dark Horse, and more. Along with being an accomplished artist, Tony has over a decade of teaching experience, having taught illustration and design at the School of the Art Institute and his watercolor course on domestika.org. His inspiration comes from a unique blend of traditional and classic watercolorists, combined with the modern influences of pop culture comics, anime, and fantasy. Tony’s latest work, hosted on webtoon.com, is the comic 4Forty2nd – The Lost Battalion, which follows the Japanese American 442nd Regiment as they fight through Europe during WWII, while Japanese American families remained unjustly incarcerated in US Internment camps. Listen in as we dive into Tony’s creative process, inspirations, and learn more about the powerful story behind his latest project. Tony, thanks for being here!

023 The Lane-Ulrich Report with Chris Hoffman

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