This week on The World’s Greatest Comic Book Podcast™: DC has killed its deal with Diamond Comic Distributors. Ryan Gosling will play the Wolfman. Marvel, DC/Warner Bros., Bad Robot, and Trekkies are all supporting #BlackLivesMatter. On TV, we have Batwoman casting news. Upgrade is coming to TV. And Wanda Sykes says, “White people need to tell white people to stop being racist!” In comics, we review The Boys, Hellblazer, Sandman, and Deadpool!

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DC Kills Decades-Long Deal with Diamond Comic Distributors
Marvel and DC/Warner Bros. express support for black community
Star Trek fans join to fight injustice under the banner Trekkies Together
Denver Pop Culture Con Cancelled for 2020
Ryan Gosling set to play Wolfman in upcoming reboot for Universal
Newsarama is joining the GamesRadar team
REPORT: Disney Developing Live-Action Black Cauldron Project
The UK Authorizes Media Companies to Resume Film and TV Production

Batwoman’s Idea to Replace Ruby Rose Is Curiously Boring for a Comic Show
Upgrade TV show; Tenet; and Wonder Woman 1984
Wanda Sykes Urges White People to Protest: “We Can’t Do It Alone”
Bad Robot Pledges $10M Donation to Organizations With “Anti-Racist Agendas”