This week on The World’s Greatest Comic Book Podcast™: We remember Richard Herd. AT&T wants Ben Affleck back as Batman. Scott Derrickson will direct a sequel to Labyrinth. A Solo sequel series is in development. Trump tried to take down a satirical political cartoon. On TV: Tom Ellis is officially returning for Season 6 of Lucifer. HBO Max will be available to Comcast customers. Netflix and Amazon support #BlackLivesMatter. And we have Space Force! In Comics, DC and Marvel have cancellations, and we review Looking for Rachel Wallace and talk about DC Blue Ribbon Digests!

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Join us on Patreon this week where we ask the question, how would five different superheroes handle a #BlackLivesMatter protest and potential riot in their cities?


Seinfeld and Star Trek Actor Richard Herd Dies At 87
AT&T and WarnerMedia Want Ben Affleck Back As Batman
The Smallest Comic Books Ever, MARVEL MINI-BOOKS, Returning in August
ROB LIEFELD Launches His Own Podcast
Scott Derrickson to Direct Labyrinth Sequel
Solo: A Star Wars Story Sequel Series Reportedly In Development
DC Cancels 18 Dollar Comics, 4 Facsimile Reprints
MARVEL Cancels 53 Variants, Three Themed Programs
Four More Current MARVEL Titles Switched to Digital-Only
* * * * * * * * OH NOES! POLITICAL NEWS!  * * * * * * * * *
Trump campaign attempts to remove satirical cartoon from online retailer
CBLDF Protests TRUMP Campaign-Ordered Takedown of Satirical Political Cartoon
Former Marvel Editor Asks Woman to Leash Dog, Has Police Called on Him
Steve Carell, Seth Rogen donating to bail out Minneapolis protesters
Lucifer Star Tom Ellis Officially Returning For Season 6 on Netflix
James McAvoy Offers To Play Flashback Picard In New Star Trek Series
‘Friends’ Spinoff ‘Joey’ Can’t Be Found on HBO Max, and Here’s Why
HBO Max Is Available to Comcast Customers, After WarnerMedia Lands Post-Launch Deal
Netflix, Amazon Support Black Lives Matter Amid Nationwide Protests
‘Space Force’ Cast Says Show Is ‘The Office’ but “Shot like a Marvel” Movie
Emmys: HBO Max’s Elmo Talk Show Enters Race
Gal Gadot-Led Hedy Lamarr Series Moves to Apple From Showtime