This week on The World’s Greatest Comic Book Podcast™: We remember Logan Williams and Juan Giménez. Lion Forge is closed. Jim Lee is auctioning off 60 sketches to benefit Coronavirus. DC will continue to release digital comics. On TV: The CW is out of new shows. Sam Raimi is exploring urban legends. Snowpiercer has a new premier date. In comics, we talk about Afterlift, Papergirls, and Money Shot!

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Juan Giménez Dies at Age 76
‘The Flash’ actor Logan Williams dies suddenly at age 16
LION FORGE LABS Closed, All Employees Laid Off
DC CCO/Publisher JIM LEE Auctioning 60 Sketches to Benefit Comic Shops
BOB IGER Forgoes Salary, Other DISNEY Execs Take Pay Cut for Coronavirus Relief
DC’s Weekly Comics to Continue Digitally During DIAMOND Stoppage
GEORGE PEREZ MARVEL Retrospective Coming in December
Black Widow, Eternals, rest of the MCU get new dates as Disney rewrites calendar


TNT’s Snowpiercer Series Has a New Premiere Date and Teaser Trailer
The CW Is Out of New Shows, So it’s Re-Running Crisis on Infinite Earths
Community on Netflix
Sam Raimi explores urban legends in 50 States of Fright
‘Blindspot’ Season 5 Premiere Moved Up to April on NBC Due to Coronavirus
‘Deputy’ Canceled at Fox