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#316 World’s Greatest Comic Book Podcast™

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Benicio del Toro is Swiper in the Dora The Explorer movie https://goo.gl/ZsXf1a
Creative Team Quits After BORDER TOWN Writer Accused of Sexual Misconduct https://goo.gl/pYkTWK
Jason Momoa says Henry Cavill is not done with his Superman role in the DCEU https://goo.gl/nbT35e
Sony chief reveals that Silk and Jessica Drew coming to the cinematic Spider-Verse http://bit.ly/2EofPwf
Once Upon A Deadpool Promotion Has Offended Some Members Of The Mormon Church https://goo.gl/GQyJEc


The Mandalorian gets some surprise casting news and the Falcon arrives http://bit.ly/2Eolmmp
DC’s Stargirl Show Has Found Its Starman https://goo.gl/9c5vWi
Morgan Spurlock to Pay TNT $1.2 Million After Abandoning Docuseries https://goo.gl/WytMpn
Eliza Dushku Received $9.5 Million Settlement Over Misconduct https://goo.gl/ZH7Dfp
Jennifer Garner, J.J. Abrams Reunite for Limited Series at Apple https://goo.gl/HAzMve