This week on The World’s Greatest Comic Book Podcast™: Sarah Michelle Gellar brought the cheesecake to Thanksgiving. Aquaman has broken the pre-sale record. Dead Rabbit has been recalled. Hugh Jackman is done with Wolverine. On TV: Sweet Tooth gets a pilot and Future Man has a season 2 trailer. In comics, we talk about West Coast Avengers, Jessica Jones, and Cover!

All this and King Pacino! Face front, true believers! It’s The World’s Greatest Comic Book Podcast™!

#313 World’s Greatest Comic Book Podcast™

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What’s next for Wolverine after Hugh Jackman’s Logan exit?
It’s not kidnapping. I like to think of it as, “unsolicited location enhancement.”
Hulu Orders ‘Sweet Tooth’ Fantasy Pilot From Team Downey, Warner Bros. TV
‘King Lear’: Al Pacino to Star in New Shakespeare Adaptation 
TV Roundup: ‘Future Man’ Season 2 Teaser Drops
TV Shows to Watch the Week of Nov. 19, 2018: