This week on The World’s Greatest Comic Book Podcast™: Batman #50 and Catwoman #1 is returnable. Kelly Sue Deconnick will write Aquaman. Despite friends defending him, James Gunn is out of Guardians of the Galaxy 3. We talk about all of the new trailers including Shazam, Titans, Star Trek: Discovery, Doctor Who, and Cosmos! In Comics: We review The Mall #1, Bendis’ Superman #1, and Kelly Thompson’s Jessica Jones #1

All this and a 25-foot hallf-naked Jeff Goldblum statue! Face front, true believers! It’s The World’s Greatest Comic Book Podcast™!

#301 World’s Greatest Comic Book Podcast™

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DC Makes BATMAN #50 & CATWOMAN #1 Returnable Due to Retailer ‘Concerns’
A 25-Foot Half-Naked Jeff Goldblum Statue Is Lying Out In London
Kelly Sue DeConnick
Jon Schnepp, ‘Metalocalypse’ Director, Dies at 51
James Gunn exits Guardians of the Galaxy 3
Dave Bautista, Patton Oswalt and others defend James Gunn
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First Shazam trailer
The first trailer for DC’s Aquaman
Glass, Trailer
Star Trek: Discovery – Official Comic-Con Trailer
The First Titans Trailer Is a Brutal Introduction
Doctor Who: Series 11 Trailer
Iron Fist Season 2
First Look at ‘Cosmos: Possible Worlds’
Star Trek: Discovery casts X-Men star Rebecca Romijn
First Look Star Trek: Discovery
Nicole Maines on Being TV’s First Trans Superhero
‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ TV Reboot in Development
USA Network Cancels ‘Colony’ After Three Seasons