This week on The World’s Greatest Comic Book Podcast™: We pay tribute to Len Wein and Harry Dean Stanton. Hurricane Irma shuts down production of The Walking Dead, Marvel films, and several TV shows. The WGA denies Stephany Folsom writer’s credit on Thor: Ragnarok. Patty Jenkins officially signs on for Wonder Woman 2. Double-dipper Kevin Sorbo will speak at an anti-LGBTQ conference. Special Correspondent Chris Hoffman has an in depth interview with Doug Wagner, a featured guest of next year’s inaugural Wasatch Comic Con writer of Plastic, The Hard Place, and also having written Batman & Justice League stories.

All this and Holly’s dog-sitter! Face front, true believers! It’s the World’s Greatest Comic Book Podcast™!

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Len Wein, Legendary Comics Writer and Editor, Dies at 69
Harry Dean Stanton, Quintessential American Actor, Dies at 91
Hurricane Irma Shuts Down Production of Walking Dead, Marvel Films
WGA Denies Thor: Ragnarok Co-Writer Credit Citing Guild Regulations
Grant Morrison Unleashes Evil Werewolf Pirate Santa in New Klaus Story
Patty Jenkins Signs On to Direct Wonder Woman 2
TV’s Hercules Is Speaking at an Anti-LGBTQ Conference
Doctor Who Spinoff Class Canceled After Just One Season