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15129442_1067302500034419_979133436822199650_oThis week on The World’s Greatest Comic Book Podcast™! You’re now listening to an AWARD WINNING podcast! In Movies: Emilia Clarke joins the Han Solo cast, Jessica Chastain will star in Painkiller Jane, Paramount plans a Green Hornet reboot, and the Stargate reboot is canceled! In TV: HBO wants a Game of Thrones spin-off and has renewed Westworld, Divorce, and Insecure, and Masi Oka is leaving Hawaii Five-O! In Comics: The Unworthy Thor has lost his artist, March Book Three has won the National Book Award, Black Panther: World of Wakanda is worth the read, and Mother Panic is what we were missing in Batwoman! We’re asked: “Why not just call them all Comics?”

All this and Gilmore Girls (again)! Face front, true believers!

It’s The World’s GREATEST Comic Book Podcast!

#236 World’s Greatest Comic Book Podcast


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