This week is a Best Of repeat. The World’s Greatest Comic Book Podcast returns next week! 

Kiss #1This week on Hold 322! Before Watchmen begins with Darwin Cooke’s Minutemen… he’s the right guy for the job but seems to be giving us just an illustrated version of what we already know. The red Hulk and Rick Jones fight against a Mayan prophesy come to life. The Black Cat comes to the pages of The Defenders, and JM Dematteis writes a convoluted Thor Annual.

The Governor has been cast in Walking Dead, and it’s the “Next Doctor!” Holly Braithwaite returns to our show via Skype and reviews Spy Girl for us and we talk about IDW’s latest blessing… KISS.

All this and Jon Reads Panels! Face front, true-believers! It’s Hold 322!

Issue #35 – Hold 322 Podcast