CblR-tpUcAALNZRThis week on The World’s Greatest Comic Book Podcast™: It’s FanX week, and we’ve got all the updates to help get you excited and/or jealous. We bid a sad farewell to Lady Penelope, and cheer that Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg are working on a new Indiana Jones movie. In TV, we’ve got Daredevil season 2, Agents of SHIELD returns, and much much more. Paramount filed the Star Trek Wikipedia in the Axanar lawsuit. Gotham has been improbably renewed for a 3rd Season. AND The Tick is returning to TV! In comics, we’ve got International Iron Man, James Bond, and more! We’re asked if we’re ever going to pay any attention to “Damien”.

All this and secret tips to bathe Johnny Depp. Face front, true believers! It’s The World’s Greatest Comic Book Podcast!

#208 Hold 322 Podcast 




Sylvia Anderson, voice of Thunderbirds’ Lady Penelope, dies http://bbc.in/1pBMYdm
Disney Announces New Indiana Jones for 2019 Release with Spielberg and Harrison Ford http://bit.ly/1pBN0Sz
Henry Cavill Says Women Have A ‘Bit Of A Double Standard’ With Catcallinghttp://bit.ly/1pBN3Oj
Amber Heard Got A Job In The “Justice League” and “Aquaman” Movies As Merahttp://bit.ly/1pBN1WR
They Tested The Court Jester Costume For Harley Quinn http://bit.ly/1pBNecr
Paramount Files a Really Long List of Star Trek Trivia http://slate.me/1pBN592
Gotham Renewed For Season Three http://bit.ly/1pBN7hc
The Tick Live-Action Show Is Returning, But it Will Lack One Important Elementhttp://bit.ly/1pBNb08