legends_of_tomorrow_hawkman_hawkgirlThis week on the World’s Greatest Comic Book Podcast™: We review the Flash/Arrow cross over! Marvel’s Secret Wars is delayed again. Some 40 year old  Star Trek comics have been found and are being released in the US. Paul Dini has written a true story Batman Novel. and Alien 5 is still happening. Meanwhile we talk about all the TV, including Rambo and Tremors getting a series, and the possibility of Ms Marvel series! In comics, we’ve got all that was fit and unfit to print last week. Bob asks: “What happened with the Ultimate Universe?”

All this and did the Batman Vs Superman trailer have too much footage? Face front, true believers! It’s Hold 322!

#194 Hold 322 Podcast


Savage Hawk-Links

Marvel’s Secret Wars Delayed (Again)  http://bit.ly/1IMHpeT
Rare 40-Year-Old Star Trek Comics Are Finally Being Released In the U.S.http://bit.ly/1IMHrU3
Chris Evans Hopes To Show Up As CAPTAIN AMERICA In IRON MAN 4http://bit.ly/1IMKxYa
Paul Dini and Eduardo Risso Team For “Dark Night: A True Batman Story”http://bit.ly/1IMKBal
Steven Spielberg Confirms Harrison Ford is the Only Indiana Jones http://bit.ly/1IMKLic
Alien 5: still happening, will feature 27 year-old Newt http://bit.ly/1IMKGLk
How the internet “fixed” the Batman v Superman trailer http://bit.ly/1IMKN9N
Rambo: New Blood TV Series in Development at FOX, Fifth Film on Holdhttp://bit.ly/1IMKP1i
Matt Ryan’s Constantine Might Return on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow http://bit.ly/1IMKQSM
Tremors TV Series Starring Kevin Bacon In The Works http://bit.ly/1IMKRGv
Sounds Like We Might See A MS. MARVEL TV Series At Some Pointhttp://bit.ly/1IMKUlK