• VARGR-1This week on the World’s Greatest Comic Book Podcast™: We’ve got trailers for Warcraft, Preacher, H8teful Eight, and the Star Wars international offering. Mark Wahlberg is the Six Billion Dollar Man; Eddie Redmayne will hunt for Fantastic Beasts; Tom Holland has the moves like Spidey; and there will be a new Star Trek series, but it’s Video on Demand.  In comics, we’ve got the new James Bond comic from legendary Warren Ellis. Bob asks: “what Trek should I look forward to?”

All this and a Van Helsing TV series… Face front true believers! It’s Hold 322!

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WARCRAFT: The Official Full Length Movie Trailer http://bit.ly/1RFXqZn
STAR WARS: International Star Wars Trailer http://bit.ly/1RFXwzX
The First Trailer for AMC’s PREACHER Is Here http://bit.ly/1RFXGaL
New HATEFUL EIGHT Trailer Arrives http://bit.ly/1RFXEj9
George Barris, TV Batmobile Designer, Has Died http://bit.ly/1RFWWSW
Mark Wahlberg’s Six Billion Dollar Man Movie Is Officially Happeninghttp://bit.ly/1RFXcBs
First Look At Eddie Redmayne As Newt Scamander  http://bit.ly/1RFXdoN
Michael Cho set to create variants for 24 Marvel titles in February http://bit.ly/1RFXgkE
Tom Holland Shows Off His Spider-Man Skills http://bit.ly/1RFXpEO
Injustice: God Among Us Gets Arkham Knight, CW Flash, More http://bit.ly/1RFYhsM
MOTHER FUCKING STAR TREK! ‘Star Trek’ TV Revival is in the Workshttp://bit.ly/1RFXI2l
CBS’ Les Moonves Explains Decision To Make New STAR TREK VOD Onlyhttp://bit.ly/1RFXOHb
Arrow Ratings Rise With Constantine Guest Appearance http://bit.ly/1RFYkoH
‘Van Helsing’ Series Picked Up By Syfy http://bit.ly/1RFYlJ8