WSOG_CoverThis week on the World’s Greatest Comic Book Podcast: Mark Millar brings some redneck to Image; Titan Comics gets Assassin’s Creed; Michael Keaton is bringing Imagine Agents to the big screen; Kieron Gillen is taking a break from Marvel, and so is Jonathan Hickman and Rick Remender! In comics we have more post-Secret Wars titles from Marvel, and BKV’s latest epic: We Stand On Guard proves Thom right! Bob asks: ” ?”

All this and Green Lantern Rumors! Face front, true believers! It’s Hold 322!


174 Hold 322 Podcast



Mark Millar teases new book HUCK from IMage
Titan to release new five-part Assassin’s Creed comic series
Michael Keaton to Star and Produce Film Adapation of Boom’s Imagine Agents
Rumor: Green Lantern Reboot to focus on multiple Lanterns?
Superman comic took on police brutality
Something to Fear in New Fear the Walking Dead Teaser
Kieron Gillen Joins the Marvel Break Exodus