SPECIAL BEST OF ISSUE! The very first episode of (what would become) The World’s Greatest Comicbook Podcast.  At the dawn of The New 52 – two men tried to have a conversation about sequential art stories … well, one of them did.

167 Hold 322 Podcast – BEST OF 



Welcome to the astonishing first issue of Hold 322! The podcast that’s about the comic books that are in my hold and on the shelves of my local comic book store each week.

This week: Marvel continues its countdown to the inevitable changes that will come as a result of Fear Itself, X-Men Schism and Spider Island; and Hawkeye gets some love.

Jeff and I discuss the All New Ultimate Spider-Man

DC’s 52 first issues continue (and remind Jon why Wednesdays are so important in comic books) and get naughty!


Links for Naughty DC

Catwoman is a baaad kitty!

Starfire propositions Arsenal