2015-02-04-hawkeyeThis week on Hold 322… Disney is considering a subscription video service for Marvel and Star Wars. Chris Pratt paid his bet, Bendis is done with Uncanny X-Men, but signed an exclusive contract with Marvel. There will be an all-female Avengers Team during Secret Wars, and DC has a bunch of new comics coming out in June. In comics, Ant Man settles in, Ms. Marvel gets a win, and Hawkguy! Bob asks: ” ?”

All this and what a guy did to look like the Red Skull. Face front, true believers! It’s Hold 322!

155 Hold 322 Podcast 



Links of Grills

Disney Considering Marvel, “Star Wars” Subscription-Video Services  http://bit.ly/1C6kcjD
EXCLUSIVE: Bendis Announces “X-Men” Departure with “Uncanny” #600  http://bit.ly/1C6kdnM
Fan has nose cut off, face tattooed so he’ll look like Red Skull http://bit.ly/1C6khDQ
MARVEL Announces All-Female Avengers Team — A-FORCE http://bit.ly/1C6kjM0
Chris Pratt Visited A Boston Children’s Hospital As Star-Lord  http://uproxx.it/1C6knvt
Daredevil Full Trailer Released Online http://bit.ly/1C6krLJ
ALL 24 June 2015 DC Comics New #1s http://bit.ly/1C6kirp