Amazing_Spider-Man_Vol_3_12This week on Hold 322… we begin our new and awesome 4th season (that will be pretty-much just like our 3rd season). We’re joined in studio by our friends from Geekhead Radio, Aaron Burton and the every lovely Taylor Hunsaker as we begin our Girls of Geek series! We also have Salt Lake Publishing walking away from lots of money, DC continuing the tradition of fond childhood memories with Wonder Woman 77, Mark Margolis is Felix Faust, and Daredevil has a release date, but it won’t be joined by Jessica Jones. In Comics, things get more amazing in Spider-Verse, Squirrel Girl debuts, The Avengers fight bullying in their own team, Kitty Pryde saves Star Lord, and we announce our top 5 for 2014! Bob asks: “What are your thoughts on Marvel Phase 1?”

All this and Bendis is a HERO! Face front, true believers! It’s the World’s GREATEST Comic Book Podcast! It’s Hold 322!



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