(EDITOR’S NOTE: Hiya, Jeff here. There’s a bit of an issue with the audio of the 2nd half of the show. Stick with it, folks, it’ll all be ok.)

This week on Hold 322! The triumphant trio is back in the studio! Halloween ComicFest is returning. Marvel and DC are both starting weekly end-of-the-world events. The “Interstellar Special Ability Team” (Guardians of the Galaxy) is getting an animated series. We’re also well into the “Season of Geek” with comic book television now that Flash and Arrow have started… just waiting on Constantine… so what could possibly ruin this for us? Keanu Reeves. Bob asks: “what villain would you be afraid to run into in a dark alley ?”

All this and Robert Downey Jr.! Face front, true believers! It’s Hold 322!


Links of Superiority!

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