Another week without our actual Salt Lake ComicCon 2014 show, so, bravely, we soldier on, step by step. How do we live? Day by day.

JC and Bob 616 were Shakespeareing again this week, so, J.M. Bell & Bob Defendi, the Mountain of Love, welcomed Aaron Burton from Geekhead Radio into the studio for an afternoon of geek talk, comic pondering, and news (as you can see below) that actually matters. It’s an entertaining romp through the universes you know and love, true believers!


Original Flash Actress Amanda Pays To Play Dr. Tina McGee Again In The CW’s Flash
Arrow Season 2 Delayed Until October On Netflix
Scott Glenn Cast As Stick In Daredevil
Bruce Timm Is Making A New, “Darker” Justice League Animated Series
Warners Looking To Put ‘Legion Of Superheroes’ Into Development!
Petition calls for life-size statue of Wolverine in Edmonton
Roger Moore Visits the Star Wars Episode VII Set, Seemingly Confirms A Rumor