This week on Hold 322… we were at Salt Lake Comic Con! This is not that episode. This is an aftermath episode of epic proportions. We discuss the end of the Con (everything that happened after our live podcast), we reveal why our live show was sparsely attended, and we cover a few Con controversies (bear with us). THEN, Thom calls in! And like for Leonard Nimoy, it actually works this time! Thom gives us a full update on his new life in England. We then wrap up with some news coverage and our picks of the week!

All this and Gail Simone news! Face front, true believers! It’s Hold 322!

#136 Hold 322 Podcast


The Hold 322 Links!

Scarlett Johansson Welcomes Daughter Rose Dorothy http://bit.ly/1lPr0R3
Stan Lee Cameo Idea That Disney Wouldn’t Allow http://bit.ly/1lPr2sd
AUTO PLAY Dwayne The Rock Johnson Will Play Black Adam in Shazam http://bit.ly/1lPr5V4
Marvel Netflix Could Cross Over Into The Movies; Confirmed To Follow Avengers Model http://bit.ly/1lPrarE
Official: DC & GAIL SIMONE Launch New 52 SECRET SIX http://bit.ly/1lPrerk
No, Marvel Are Not Doing A Reboot. http://bit.ly/1uzQ7Xt
Robert Downey Jr NEWS 
 “I’d Like To Hear Them Talk Even More Seriously About A Hulk Franchise” http://bit.ly/1lPruGZ
Robert Downey Jr. Supports a Black Widow Film  http://bit.ly/1lPsNFW