spider-man-2099-1-e1405111275481This week on Hold 322! Hello Sweetie’s own Danielle ÜberAlles joins us in studio and pretties up the place just by being there. We discuss the Finches taking over Wonder Woman, DC’s decision to block the use of the Superman logo on a Canadian memorial, and Batgirl‘s new look (and creative team). In comics, Q meets new Kirk, Star Wars makes one last run at a story arc, the true Birds of Prey fight together in Batgirl, Spider-Man turns 100, Thor and Loki go looking for their sister, and Peter David returns to Spider-Man 2099.

All this, and Bob asks: “what comic book moments have shocked you? “! Face front, true believers! It’s Hold 322!

128 Hold 322 Podcast


Links of Hope

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BRANDON ROUTH Returns to DC Comics Family on ARROW http://bit.ly/1qVI07J
DC blocks Superman logo from being used in Canadian boy’s memorial  http://bit.ly/1qVHhmQ
Japanese parody of 1980s “Doctor Who” http://bit.ly/1oIdext
Who Will Marvel Reveal as the New Captain America? http://bit.ly/1qVHlTV
 Guardians of the Galaxy Figures Revealed  http://bit.ly/1qVHsid
Fans Go Batty Over New Look Of Batgirl http://bit.ly/1qVHwOQ
‘Shannara’ TV Series Acquired by MTV; Jon Favreau to Direct Pilot http://bit.ly/1qVHzu5
Roberto Orci Officially Leaves  http://bit.ly/1qVHAhE