(Jeff Note: JC and Bob were doing something about 322 levels classier than this show, so, with love, here is a Best Of … The Best of the Best Of’s.)

This week on HOLD 75 we figure out if Apple really is censoring same sex images or if Comixology jumped the gun on the whole controversy. In the pages of Batman, Bruce Wayne decides that being a hero has gotten old. In Batgirl, Barbara Gordon grows closer to her transgender roommate while pushing her psychotic brother further away. (And right into Gotham Harbor!)


From Dark Horse, the new Star Wars saga continues with Chewbacca finally showing us just how powerful his bow-caster really is, and it appears that someone other than Luke Skywalker can also hear the voice of Ben Kenobi’s ghost. In Marvel Comics, the Avenging Spider-Man is trapped in Otto’s childhood nightmare, the Fantastic Four all feel it when Ben Grimm gets a big bang sized headache and the Age of Ultron continues.

All this, and JC’s question of the week gets us wondering what Hold 75 would be like if he were actually the host of the show instead of Bob. Crazy thought, yeah? Sit up straight, comic book readers. Allons-y!

#Hold 322 Podcast … OR IS IT!?!