justice-league-united-canadaThis week on Hold 322… we’re joined by special guest, JayC Stoddard, actor and all around smart guy. We’re knee deep in summer blockbusters and it’s only May! We’ve also had the season finales for Arrow and Agents of SHIELD, and are looking forward to next season (particularly with three new offerings from DC). Hugh Jackman survived X-Men 3 and skin cancer, Chris Hemsworth might have been Mel Gibson, and Spider-Man may be back at Marvel Studios. Since we missed last week’s show, we have two weeks of comics and not enough time to cover them all, but we do discuss Amazing Spider-Man 1.1 (Learning to Crawl), Justice League Canada, Ultimate Spider-Man, and Captain Marvel.

All this and too much Avengers? Face front, true believers! It’s Hold 322!



 Issue 122 Hold 322122_Hold322_500

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