DC versus Marvel_1Welcome back one and all to Hold 322’s second annual Tournament of Heroes. As you may recall, last year we had a field of 64 heroes and in the end Thor was the last one standing. This year’s tournament is much different than last year’s in several ways. This year the field of heroes was only 32 to start with, not 64, and broken up into four 8 hero teams managed by each of the four chuckle-heads who host Hold 322. There are no seeds or brackets. This year’s tournament will involve challenges, defenses, judges and the roll of a twelve sided dice.

To better understand what that means, read on and also be sure to listen in to this and every tournament episode of Hold 322 to hear the tournament thus far as it happened!

So far we have done all of the first two rounds. Here are this week’s results round two (sweet 16) results:

(Note: Thom was unable to be on the show this past week, so Jeff had temporary control over his remaining team of Silver Surfer and Optimus Prime.)

New 52 Superman by Jim LeeFight One: Wonder Man vs. Superman

Jeff challenged with Wonder Man. JC countered with Superman. Bob was the super impartial judge… Wonder Man sucks!

Winner: Superman!

The Thing tossing bouldersFight Two: The Thing vs. the Sentry

JC attacked Bob with the Thing and Bob defended with the Sentry. Jeff, the judge, sided with Sentry even though he still doesn’t really know who the character is. A roll of the D-12 dice however overturned his ruling.

Winner: The Thing!


Doctor Strange in actionFight Three: SHAZAM vs. Doctor Strange

Bob attacked JC’s team with SHAZAM but the big red cheese failed to defeat the Sorcerer Supreme by both the Judge’s decision and the dice roll.

Winner: Doctor Strange!


Silver Surfer_2Fight Four: Silver Surfer vs. Iron Man

Jeff decided to use the first Thom’s two temporarily orphaned heroes and challenged JC’s team with the Silver Surfer. JC countered with Iron Man and said that if Tony could damage the Surfer, he could then siphon out his power cosmic. Judge Bob wasn’t convinced that Iron Man could break through the Surfer’s armored skin and neither did the dice.

Winner: Silver Surfer!

Thor with lightningFight Five: Wolverine vs. Thor

JC revenged attacked Jeff with Wolverine but fell far short against the number one overall draft pick, Thor! KRAKATHOOM!

Winner: Thor!


Dr. FateFight Six: Doctor Fate vs. Optimus Prime

Bob challenged Jeff with Doctor Fate, and the Ginger Ninja defended with Thom’s other orphaned hero, Optimus Prime. JC, obviously feeling nostalgic for the 80’s, voted for the leader of the Auto-bots, but a dice roll chose a different fate… get it? See what I did there?

Winner: Doctor Fate!

Earth 2 Green Lantern_2Fight Seven: Captain James T. Kirk vs. Earth 2’s Green Lantern

Jeff’s best friend and role model, James Kirk, may have bested Batman in the biggest surprise upset of round one, but when the legendary captain was sent against Bob’s team he stood no chance against Alan Scott and the power of the green.

Winner: Earth 2’s Green Lantern!

Invisible Woman_PowerfulFight Eight: Swamp Thing vs. Invisible Woman

For the first time so far in this year’s tournament two heroes from the same team (Bob’s) were forced to fight each other because there had to be one more battle and they were the last two heroes who hadn’t yet fought in round one. Jeff was chosen as the judge and he sided with Swamp Thing, but when JC rolled the dice, Sue Storm punched her ticket into the elite 8!

Winner: Invisible Woman!

So that’s it for this week’s matches and round two as a whole. Join us next week when four more heroes fall as we start and finish round three (the elite 8!) of this year’s exciting tournament. Remember to keep listening to Hold 322 every Tuesday on iTunes, Stitcher and Hold 322.com! For all of us at the world’s greatest comic book podcast, this is Robert Easton wishing you a wonderfully nerdy week. Alons-y!