IRON-MAN-3-Barack-Obama-PosterThis week on Hold 322… we pay special tribute to an actor and writer who shaped our childhoods. RIP Harold Ramis. We also learn that Charles Soule is a practicing attorney. Constantine has been cast. The former cast of Heroes is surprised by the Heroes Return announcement. Apparently there’s a third Hemsworth brother. Marvel’s running a TV special to promote it’s upcoming projects. But it’s March! So we have a couple of specials items for our listeners… we have the list of of important comics to look for in March, and we start our Heroes tournament. Sorta.

All this, and Obama is building Iron Man!  Face front, true believers! It’s Hold 322!

Issue 113 Hold 322


The Links

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Star Wars Episode 7: Casting & Story Update
Chris O’Donnell keeps his Robin costume locked in the basement
Cast respond to announcement of Heroes: reborn
Marvel TV Special Will Show AGE OF ULTRON Footage
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President Obama: “We’re Building Iron Man”