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This week on Hold 322… The Guardians of the Galaxy has a trailer out! Heroes will return in 2015! Gail Simone finds time to write for Savage Wolverine after The Movement is cancelled. Who will be the new Fantastic Four on screen? In comics, Kieron Gillen tries to get Shakespearean in the Iron Man Annual. Captain America‘s scary villain is a guy who blows bubbles out of his head that chase you… watching the Prisoner again, Remender? and do you really expect us to take the “Shaolin Scientist Squad” seriously? Speaking of Kung-Fu action, Shang-Chi gets his fight on in Avengers World. Bob asks: ” What comics will you miss and what new ones are you looking forward to reading?”

All this and we finally catch up to all the publishing changes for 2014! Face front, true believer! It’s Hold 322!

112 Hold 322 Podcast


World Premiere of First Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer http://youtu.be/pTZ2Tp9yXyM
NBC Will Revive “Heroes” in 2015 http://bit.ly/1hHQEVk
Gail Simone Tackles “Savage Wolverine http://bit.ly/1hHQJs7
DC Comics cancels ‘The Movement’ http://bit.ly/1hHQRI2
Marvel confirms “Black Widow” solo film  http://bit.ly/1hHQP2M
Man of Steel: Christopher Nolan Opposed the Ending, DC Comics Advised on It http://bit.ly/1hHQVre
Hear All Of Batman’s Song From “The Lego Movie”  http://bit.ly/1hHQX2c
‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot Cast Announced: Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara & More! http://bit.ly/1hHR2mJ
Jennifer Lawrence & Michael Fassbender: New Stills for ‘X-Men’! http://bit.ly/1hHR9i1
HOLY SHIT – Farscape’s Justin Monjo Wrote A Script For A New Movie http://bit.ly/1hHRkKp