comics-ms-marvel-1This week on Hold 322! John Romita Jr. jumps houses and becomes the new artist on Superman, young Nick Lowe takes over as the Spider-Man editor, and Mattel hosts a “Fisto” contest. This week in nerd rage has Preacher going to AMC, and has Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg behind it, Lex Luthor will have tattoos in the new movie, and Batroc ze Leaper will appear in the new Captain America movie. We have a few #1s from Marvel this week, Ms. Marvel, Loki: Agent of Asgard, Captain America and Wolverine. JC shares his letter to Wolverine. Bob asks (by proxy): “How did nerds stay in touch and/or get information before the internet?”

All this and how women factored into the failure of Superman Returns. Face front, true believer! It’s Hold 322!

 #110 Hold 322 – YSMF


Hold 322 NEWS!
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Phillip Seymour Hoffman will be digital in his final Hunger Games scene
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POINT – Superman Returns Director Blames Women for Movie’s Failure
COUNTER POINT – Market Research Says 46.67% of Comic Fans are Female — The Beat