nightwing24_id5This week on Hold 322… Is Han Solo trapped on Mercury? Did IDW start a television division? Should you ask James Gunn for a Guardian’s of the Galaxy trailer? Who will play Eugene and Abraham on The Walking Dead? And did Princess Sparkle Pony get married? Since JC wasn’t able to pick up his comics this week, we give Bob a chance to talk about Nightwing and other comics he feels have been under represented on our show. Thom brings us the latest from Canada, and Bob asks: “Who’s that guy?”

All this, and a shout out from Greg Pak and Jason Aaron! Face front, true believers! It’s Hold 322!

Issue 97 Hold 322 – UNDERPANTS!


Han Solo spotted in a galaxy very close to home
David Ozer Appointed President of IDW Entertainment
James Gunn Indicates Pleading For GotG Trailer Could mean Harsh Penalties
Walking Dead casts Eugene and a badass Abraham
Which Superhero Flies Highest on Social Media?
Twilight Sparkle weds fiance in webcam ceremony