JC and Bob are off doing “Theatre” today, so, here is your tasty Best Of episode. This was our first self proclaimed milestone episode. Bob was back from the dead, JC was in fine fiddle (whatever that means) and I, your humble scribe, JM Bell, won the show.


0.3 Best Of Hold 322


——–  Historical Context ———

This week on Hold 322… Night Owl loses his virginity and we get to see the origins of Nightwing, Catwoman and Batwoman. Also Jon’s favorite Charlton/DC character makes his first appearance in the new 52… naturally, he’s worried. Marvel Marketing continues their new trend of ruining comics. This time with The Ultimates. Speaking of Ultimates, the Spider-Men crossover has a nice ending and a possibility for more fun in the future. Bob asks what our favorite moments of the last 50 issues have been.

All this and Get Jiro! Face front true believers, it’s Hold 322!