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Superman_Christopher Reeve_flyingAs some of you may remember I began a search for Superman’s cape during my question of the week segment on an episode of Hold 322 a few weeks back. This was inspired by me finding, in an old Superman comic from the late 1970’s, the results of a Superman Movie Contest in which contestants had to answer a series of Superman trivia questions and send in their answers to be graded. Those with the highest scores would be eligible to win prizes such as free comics, free art from legendary artist Curt Swan, or the grand prize: a cape worn by Christopher Reeve in the actual film (Superman 2).

Well it seems a surprising number of winners, including the grand prize winner, were from the state where I live and where we record Hold 322; that being Utah. I would like to find these winners, if they’re still alive, find out if they still live in Utah and if they’d like to come on the show to tell us if they still have their prizes from decades ago. Maybe you loyal listeners can help us find them. Here they are as listed in the back of that old Superman comic:

First Prize Winner (won actual Superman cape from the film):

Darvin Metzger from Bountiful, Utah

Second Prize Winners (won original Superman art from Curt Swan):

David Bardall from Woodscross, Utah
Jon Bray from Salt Lake City, Utah
Harley V. Gold from Provo, Utah
Richard Hansen from Salt Lake City, Utah

Third Prize Winner (won 2 year subscription to DC comic of his choice):

Karl Swanson from Salt Lake City, Utah

Superman vs Lex as drawn by Curt Swan

Superman vs Lex as drawn by Curt Swan

We had a lead on Jon Bray from one listener, who let us know Jon used to own a local comic shop called Dr. Volts. I asked the current owner about this and learned that Jon Bray was the owner back in the 90’s, but was not able to get any contact info for Mr. Bray. If you know any of these winners, please let us know so we can contact them for the show.  Well, until my next blog be sure to follow me on twitter @Robert_A_Easton, listen to Hold 322 and read lots of comics!