mightyavengersThis week on Hold 322… we give our Salt Lake Comic Con wrap up of our adventures in the land of the geeks and our predictions for next year. In comics: Villain Month is in full swing over at DC and we give you our thoughts on that. At Marvel, a new Avengers title is launched, forcing me to buy yet another in the series. And since we didn’t get to talk about it last week, The Star Wars launched from Dark Horse with some amazing artwork! Meanwhile, Marvel starts Now! again, Josh Brolin could have been Batman, and DC apologizes for misogyny. Bob asks: “Who should play Lex Luthor?”

All this and the Harvey Award winners! Face front, true believers, it’s the mightiest of mighty podcasts! It’s Hold 322!

Issue 94 Hold 322 – Bob’s Title Goes Here


Marvel Announces All-New Marvel NOW! Series, “Avengers” Renumbering  http://bit.ly/1efm81T
Who had 19 surgeries pin 16 years to look like Superman? http://bit.ly/1efm9mE
Josh Brolin Confirms He Was in Talks to Play Batman in MAN OF STEEL 2http://bit.ly/1efmfdZ
DC apologizes to those offended by ‘Harley Quinn’ contest http://bit.ly/1efmxBF