Thor: God of Thunder 011This week on Hold 322… Jason Aaron concludes the “Godbomb” story arc in Thor: God of Thunder, Deadpool teams up with Cage and Iron Fist to fight an unmemorable villain, Kirk battles Gorns, Wolverine takes on the Black Panther, and Infinity begins (AKA Hickman destroys the Marvel Universe). Mike Grell was hospitalized for “cellulitis”, Matt Fraction will step away from writing Fantastic Four and FF, and who will Vin Diesel voice in Guardians of the Galaxy? Bob asks: “Who’s your favorite female super hero?” All this and the Power of Thom! Face front, true believers! It’s Hold 322!

Issue 90 Hold 322


EXCLUSIVE: Matt Fraction Steps Away From “Fantastic Four” and “FF”
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Just a couple Asgardians hanging around
Who’s Vin Diesel Voicing In Guardians of the Galaxy…?