22972This week on Hold 322… Captain Midnight returns, we get a man-out-of-time story, but with a twist. Ultimate Cloak and Dagger get an origin issue in Ultimate Spider-Man, Age of Ultron concludes with the requisite multiple endings. Captain Marvel cuts a deal and finds out who she’s up against, Superior Spider-Man faces a “Hobson’s Choice.” In the Avengers books, it’s Black Panther vs Namor, all hands on deck for prelude to infinity, and the mutant debate causes a rift.

We also talk about Joss Whedon, 90 episodes of classic Doctor Who have been found, we may get a Y the Last Man movie (maybe), and Liefield had a bad idea. Bob asks: “who are the top 10 Superman villains of all time?”

All this and Adam West and Burt Ward! Face front, true believers… It’s Hold 322!

#83 Hold 322 Podcast – 616



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