AOS01This week on Hold 322… A new cast member joins Angel and Faith, Star Trek goes with Amok Time following Into Darkness, Scott Snyder is trying to keep Vertigo alive with The Wake, Earth 2 gets a new Batman, Justice League of America hammers the last nail in its coffin on page 8 of issue #4, and Savage Wolverine and Indestructible Hulk end their respective story arcs. Meanwhile, we learn JK Simmonds will not play J Jonah Jameson in Amazing Spider-Man 2, Quantum Leap predicted Superbowl XXX, and Denver ComiCon stepped on their weenies. Bob asks “what book have you put off reading?”

All this and the Adventures of Superman! Face front, true believers! It’s Hold 322!

#81 Hold 322 – 616 Achieved. Oh, boy.