This is a very special issue of Hold 322, from WAY in back of the Hold 322 archives. Issue #7 of our epic weekly chat had Ultimate Bob and J.M. Bell 616 alone in the DefenCave with no JC Carter 616, who was getting gay married in Massachusetts, or something.

U-Bob and Jeff had known each other for about a month of Sundays (a literal month of Sundays) when this was recorded, listen in and aurally observe the festive call of the Geekus Humanis Comicus, won’t you?

The Very Best of Hold 322



JC went out of town over the weekend and left his little show in the hands of his former sidekicks … former as in – they did such a good job, that they’ve taken over JC’s Fortress of Onan, as it were, and they’re making their own show: “Stuff We Already Own That We Lend One Another Until We Run Out Of Stuff And Have To Come Crawling Back To JC So That We Have Something To Read” … still working out the kinks on this one …

Anyway – revisit some classic comics milestones with Jeff and Robert in this week’s issue – as well as some new stuff – and enjoy the sounds of two guys making fun of another guy who isn’t there to defend himself!


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