#73 Hold 322 Jeff is NOT The Pretty One

DC-Comics-New-52-Batman-Robin-R.I.P.-Requiem-for-Damian-Wayne-300x456This week on Hold 322! I never thought it would happen, but DC managed to make me care that Damian Wayne is dead. Batgirl sheds a few tears, but Batman hangs out in the second stage of grief and gives us two great comics from it. The Ghost and Buffy end their respective story arcs. Dark Horse should have planned ahead to make Ghost ongoing. The Fantastic Four hang out with Caesar on the Ides of March; Octo-Spidey hangs out with Thor; and Wolverine comes back swinging (note to Geoff Johns, THIS is how you hook a reader). We continue the Tournament of Heroes, who will be crowned champion? Speaking of Heroes, Tom has worked his way into his own segment (if the rest of you would send in letters, it wouldn’t be all about Tom), and even Stan has something nice to say to him.

All this and Marvel breaks the Internet! Face front true believers, it’s an Irish Whiskey fueled Hold 322!

(* Jeff Note – Yes, I know that the sound events in the show are a little … different. There is a long, technical reason why I did it like that. Ask in the comments, we’ll talk about it on the show, or not. Whatever. Go Dan Didio, youknowwhatImean?)