Hold 322’s 2013 Tournament of Heroes continues, and today I have for you the results of the second round. This week I’m too lazy to share commentary on each match, as I’ve done previously, but if you really want to know how JC, Jeff and I came to our conclusions, all you have to do is listen to this week’s episode and find out in the most entertaining way possible.
Without further ado, here are the results for round 2:

Invisible Woman_PowerfulGroup A
Superman (#1 seed) versus Conan the barbarian (#13 seed)
Winner: Superman, by a 3-0 vote
Silver Surfer (#2 seed) versus the Thing (#8 seed)
Winner: the Thing, by a 2-1 vote
Power Girl (#3 seed) versus Aquaman (#7 seed)
Winner: Aquaman, by a 3-0 vote
The Flash (#5 seed) versus the Invisible Woman (#6 seed)
Winner: Invisible Woman, by a 2-1 vote


StrangeGroup B
Thor (#1 seed) versus Hit Girl (#13 seed)
Winner: Thor, by a 3-0 vote
Green Lantern—Hal Jordan (#2 seed) versus Zatanna (#8 seed)
Winner: Zatanna, by a 2-1 vote
Dr. Strange (#3 seed) versus the Vision (#7 seed)
Winner: Dr. Strange, by a 3-0 vote
Valkyrie (#5 seed) versus Blue Beetle—Jamie Reyes (#6 seed)
Winner: Valkyrie by a 3-0 vote


Captain America_1Group C
Wonder Woman (#1 seed) versus Mega Man (#10 seed)
Winner: Wonder Woman, by a 3-0 vote
Spider-Man (#2 seed) versus He-Man (#9 seed)
Winner: Spider-Man, by a 3-0 vote
SHAZAM (#3 seed) versus Captain America (#6 seed)
Winner: Captain America, by a 2-1 vote
Iron Man (#4 seed) versus Firestorm (#5 seed)
Winner: Iron Man, by a 2-1 vote


Supergirl_new 52Group D
The Hulk (#1 seed) versus the Ghost (#10 seed)
Winner: the Hulk, by a 3-0 vote
Batman (#2 seed) versus Cyborg (#8 seed)
Winner: Batman, by a 3-0 vote
Captain Marvel—Carol Danvers (#3 seed) versus Swamp Thing (#6 seed)
Winner: Captain Marvel, by a 2-1 vote
Supergirl (#4 seed) versus Wolverine (#5 seed)
Winner: Supergirl, by a 2-1 vote*


*For those of you who actually listened to the show, you may recall that Jeff (after much back and forth) and I both ended up voting for Logan, but since then I’ve changed my mind and my vote; thus Supergirl is the official winner. Not that Kara should celebrate her victory much, since next round she will face the Hulk…


Defeated LoganThat’s it for this week’s match-ups. We’ll try to get through both the sweet 16 and elite 8 match-ups next week. Feel free to share your own opinions on the fights so far, if you want to.
Until my next blog, be sure to listen to Hold 322, follow me on twitter @Robert_A_Easton, and read comics, read comics, read comics