DoomedLoveThis week on Hold 322… We examine all the rumors about our favorite films and film makers, including Abrams, Del Toro and, of course, Whedon. We play round 2 in our tournament of heroes (and even hear from a reader about it). In the stack we hang out with Patrick Troughton in Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time. I broke down and bought both Savage Hawkman and Green Arrow again to see if they were worth reading with their new creative teams, and Aquaman hangs out with the Sea Devils. Yost isn’t reading Amazing Spider-Man, as evidenced by his Avenging Spider-Man, and Young Avengers and Hawkguy are MUST READS.

All this, and JC reads panels! Face front, true believer, it’s Hold 322!

#71 Hold 322 Podcast