Dear Spidey Crew,
I haven’t written to a comic book company since I was 9 or 10, and that was about twenty years ago, but Superior Spider-Man #2 finally got me back into the correspondence frame of mind, as it were. My name is Bob, and once a week I proudly participate in the world’s greatest comic book themed podcast, known as Hold 322, posted online each and every Tuesday for the world’s listening enjoyment at Please pardon the shameless plug.
Superior_Spider-Man_Vol_1_3I also, when inspiration strikes, write my thoughts and in depth bloviations about all things comics down in a blog for the aforementioned site. My last blog, posted prior to writing this letter, was entitled “Amazement’s End”. It concerned my deep and heartfelt reactions and feelings to reading the events contained within the landmark publication of ASM #700. At the time, I was admittedly shaken and a bit heartbroken by everything that I’d just read. At the end of my long-winded blog, I wrote that I was at a crossroads; that I was uncertain about whether or not I would continue reading Spider-Man comics. This indecision lasted the entire two weeks between ASM #700 and Superior Spider-Man #1. I ended up buying that premier issue, and I’m glad I did.
After reading issue #1, I was relieved to know that Peter was still around, even if only in non-corporeal form. It left me curious for more, but then I felt momentary concern again upon seeing the cover for issue #2; seeing Otto in Peter’s body getting all up close and personal with MJ. The mere thought of there being a possible consummation between them has unnerved me since Otto took over as Peter. I don’t think I’m being a prude by feeling such a thing would be wrong. But then I read the issue, and not only was I relieved to see that no such horrible hookup would be taking place, but I have to tell you now that it was the best comic book of any title, from any company, that I’ve read so far this year! It was crazy-town banana pants!Scene from Superior Spider Man Issue 2
Well done, Mr. Slott. You have once again proven yourself to be the best Spider-Man writer of your generation. Now, please, stop ignoring me on Twitter. Just because I someday want to take over your job writing for Spidey is no reason we can’t be e-pals, right?
Anyhow, I read through the letters’ section and felt bad for all the concerned Peter Parker fans writing in to express their fears of ASM #700, which had not yet been released at the time they were writing in, and some of them even vowing to not buy anymore Spider-Man comics. With the power of hindsight, I wish I could go back in time and tell them all (and myself) not to hit the panic button. I hope those readers changed their minds about quitting the series, not only so they can see their letters in print, but also so they can know that everything is going to work out just fine for our favorite shared comic book character.
I won’t bother trying to think up a suggestion for what to call the new letters’ page, because I’m sure some other true-believer will suggest a far Superior one than I could come up with. Since it’ll be months before this letter might possibly get printed in your fine publication, and I just can’t wait to share it with everyone, maybe I’ll post it as an open letter in my next blog.
Until J. Jonah Jameson gets elected President of the United States of America, make mine Marvel!
Robert A. Easton
Magna, Utah