ya-1-mckThis week on Hold 322! JJ Abrams directing Star Wars? Every light sabre now gets a lens flare! Speaking of Star Wars… I finally got to read Dark Horse’s latest effort, and meh. And speaking of Abrams… Countdown to Darkness starts… er… counting down. Counting down to awesome! Nightwing doesn’t get to have nice things, thanks to the Joker. Cyborg calls in the second string Justice League, Ed Brubaker ends his last Marvel Comic, and is Captain Universe inhabiting someone who is special needs, or just shell shocked? Bob asks: who are the worst, most ridiculous villains… and we learn all about what movies girls get naked in!

All this, and the Young Avengers! Face front, true believers! It’s Hold 322!

#66 Hold 322 – Simply Red

I'm the pretty one!