This week on Hold 322! It’s a Thanksgiving dump from the world of comics (my colon is still full of turkey). The Batwoman team cares so much about W. Haden Blackman’s art, that they refused to interrupt it with ads.  Ann Nocenti doesn’t seem to care for crossovers (or writing for that matter), and Geoff Johns proves that he’s better with solo books than team books in the pages of Justice League. Marvel NOW! brings us Sif, Captain America and Indestructible Hulk. Apparently Sif’s a bad-ass, super-soldier serum heals shattered bones and the Hulk is possibly stupid again. We get new Deadpool, the new Captain Marvel hangs out with a former Captain Marvel, Hawkeye chase “the Tape”, and a HUGE reveal is given in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man.

All this, plus news, Bob’s Question of the Week and Bendis says goodbye to the Avengers. Face front, true believers, it’s Hold 322!

#58 Hold 322 Podcast