This week on Hold 322! DC is cancelling their longest running, non-rebooted series, Hellblazer and replacing that with the watered down version of John Constantine from Justice League Dark. Clearly, this makes us, and many fans out there very unhappy. Meanwhile, Willow of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame gets her own mini, where she journeys much like Alice into a Wonderland. Only this one can kill her. DC brings us their Before Watchmen of Moloch and deliver a great story. While at Marvel, the Avenging Spider-Man teams up with Devil Dinosaur, Defenders comes to a convoluted end, The Avengers pay tribute to a real life hero, and our new Marvel NOW! offerings come in from Deadpool and Iron Man.

All this, and listener fan mail! Face front, true believers, it’s Hold 322!

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