This week on Hold 322! It’s the one respite you get from a constant inundation of election day coverage, so enjoy it true believer! The weird floaty twins in Angel and Faith finally get their origin story told, and Angel confronts Whistler and learns why that’s a bad idea. Ed Brubaker’s Fatale stops being a limited series and we learn why we should all take Mr. Keenser more seriously. Batgirl gets a beautifully painted first annual and introduces a new character for the Birds of Prey series, while the Justice League Dark annual gives us a weird ending, and Aquaman ends the Others story arc in a somewhat unexpected yet expected ending.

Over at Marvel, it’s Marvel Two-In-One meets Marvel Team-Up in the Avenging Spider-Man annual, and the shenanigans that occur… you have to pick this one up! In the Ultimate Spider-Man “point one” issue Betty Brant chases the “who is Spider-Man” story and almost gets it right. And Matt Fraction ends his run on Mighty Thor with a simple, clean ending. How weird is that?

All this, and the Superman of Earth One returns with a new story! Face front, true believers! It’s Hold 322!

#55 Hold 322 Podcast