As if last week’s spoiler about Prof X dying wasn’t enough (and listen to today’s issue of Hold 322 for more on that one), now Marvel is spoiling not one, but two comics in a row! That’s right. So here’s the article (because I know you’re curious):

Captain America Elected President
Of The United States of America!

Historic Story Begins in Ultimate Comics Ultimates #15,
On-Sale Tomorrow

New York. NY—September 18, 2012—The people have spoken—and tomorrow Steve Rogers, the man known as Captain America, becomes President Elect of the United States of America! In Ultimate Comics Ultimates #15, from rising star writer Sam Humphries and fan-favorite artist Billy Tan, Captain America’s made his dramatic return and publically saved America from an insidious new enemy in one of his most harrowing battles yet. But when all the dust settles, Steve Rogers is about to get the biggest surprise of his life—he’s won the special election for the Presidency via write-in! What does this mean for his future as Captain America? Can he be a President who fights on the frontlines? You’ll find out when this landmark issue hits comic stores, the Marvel Comics app (for iPhone®, iPad®, iPad Touch® & Android devices) and the Marvel Digital Comics Shop tomorrow!

“This is one of those stories that could only be told in the Ultimate Comics Universe, where the only rule is simple—there are no rules.” said Axel Alonso, Editor in Chief, Marvel Entertainment. “We’ve seen Captain America fight wars and battle super villains, but running a country is a whole new challenge—but don’t worry, this isn’t about political speeches and closed door meetings. This is exactly the kind of high-octane, super powered thrill ride you’d expect from a book called The Ultimates!”

Then next week, in Ultimate Comics Ultimates #16, Humphries and artist Luke Ross, Steve Rogers accepts the position of President of The United States- and not a moment too soon! A deadly villain with a personal tie to the Ultimates is about to enact his endgame, one which promises to leave no hero unscathed. Now Captain America must find a way to safeguard this country both as a President and as a super hero—but can he do both?

“Captain America was created in 1941, but this is the first time he’s been made Commander in Chief. It’s an honor to write a landmark milestone for such an iconic character,” explained Humphries. “We’ve made a commitment inUltimates to show how epic events have significant consequences. President Cap is no different. This will have a lasting impact on Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, and the whole team.”

Isn’t great how they have just lost all subtlety in the press release? Not only does he get the surprise that he was elected president in tomorrow’s issue, we find out that the “will he or won’t he” tease that will inevitably come at the end of that issue is moot, because they go ahead and spoil #16! To top it off, they include the pages where he accepts, with full dialogue (of course, I included them in a gallery below).

Oh, and this is NOT the first time he was made Commander and Chief. It happened in a What If? issue back in the 70s, and one could argue that the entire Ultimate Universe is really just a long running What If? series.

So thanks again,  Marvel marketing for spoiling your great stories before we get a chance to read them, just so you can grab a headline or two.