This week on Hold 322! It’s a banner week for geeks this week, true believers! First, we talk about Spidey’s official (or maybe not official) 50th birthday! I hope I can still swing from webs when I turn 50! Meanwhile, across the pond, we gear up for the new season of Doctor Who starting on September 1st! That’s right, frantic ones, it’s an epic week!

Adding to our epic week is the celebrated departure (well, celebrated by us) of two creators over at DC, Grant “I can’t write the way people talk” Morrison and Rob “I need to take a basic drawing class” Liefield! Also, Kat Denning and Gwyneth Paltrow return for Thor and Iron Man and Bob leads us into making up a Mighty Marvel drinking game…

All this and the cunnilingual frontier, in this week’s exciting episode! Face front true believers, it’s Hold 322!

#46 Hold 322 Podcast

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GREATER NEWS in the Comic Book world!
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