We’re going to talk about this on tomorrow’s show, but as we were recording it seems that Mr. Rob (I can’t draw realistic proportions) Liefield and Scott (I write Batman) Snyder got into a little Twitter tete-a-tete. And shortly after that, Mr. Liefield had some harsh words for Marvel editor Tom (the Avengers) Brevoort. Robot Six reported the news:


My thoughts on this:

Scott Snyder (to Liefeld): “Nice! Your Twitter feeds the best thing you’ve written all year” BAM! POW! SOCK! BIFF! (and if you heard the Batman music as you read the onomatopoeia, you win)

Scott Snyder (=good writer) says that editor Brian (Smitty) Smith is a “stand up guy” and great to work with. Of course, Smitty likely would have little to edit when he gets a Snyder script. Whereas I can imagine any of his exchanges with Liefield going something like this:

“No, Rob, Hawkman can’t travel through time with just the nth metal alone… No, he can’t just kill people with a plasma cannon (where did he get that anyway? We’ve established the Nth metal can make simple weapons, not plasma cannons)… what do you mean your entire plot rests on these two things? Well, maybe you need to re-plot the book.”

In the end I can imagine today’s been a great day at work for Smitty… Everyone’s been coming to his defense, telling him he’s a stand-up guy, and he doesn’t have to worry about a Liefield script coming across his desk ever again. #Winning