Avenging Spider-Man #5Hey true believers! Your uncanny heroes team-up with Sgt Jake from The LEFT Show, and bring you all the news and reviews that are fit to… er… speak. We talk about the new James Bond comic strip release and Think Geek‘s April’s Fools prank, and complain about the lack of Black Widow toys in the Avengers line. Really? No Nerf Stingers?

Avengers Vs X-Men starts out with a prologue written by Bendis and Aaron and drawn by the inestimable Frank Cho. Avengers gets a dot-one issue where Bendis finally apologizes (in a way) for the mess he made 10 years ago in Avengers:Disassembled. Star Trek breaks its regularly scheduled re-working of the old episodes for a quick return to the movie; Superman‘s new/old creative team doesn’t help out much (though his costume is now like Iron Man‘s, evidently); Aquaman is visited by his original team (wait… what team?); and Justice League Dark crosses over with I, Vampire.

All this, and Cap and Spidey get geeky! Face front, true believers, it’s Hold 322! Available Tuesdays from iTunes and Hold322.com

Issue #26 – Hold 322 Podcast


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