Batman #7Get ready, true believers! It’s our mighty “spring event!” What’s a spring event you ask? You’ll just have to listen to find out. Also, on this, our 25th issue, we discuss Stan Lee’s Mighty 7… what will Ultimate Stan have to say about that? Scott Snyder gives us all a Bendis with Batman #7. It’s an issue so good, it spilled over and was repeated in the final pages of Nightwing regardless, it’s a hell of a way to remove a tooth… The Rocketeer is given new adventures and even meets a certain boy who will one day be a Man of Steel. The new Dominique Laveau: Voodoo Child has a promising start, as does Smoke and Mirrors, even with a pseudo Steve Jobs cameo. Bob asks what city, other than New York, we’d destroy. And we bid farewell to another great, Fran Matera, fondly remembering his work on Steve Roper and Mike Nomad.

All this and our SPRING EVENT! Face front, true believers, it’s Hold 322! Available Tuesdays from iTunes and

Issue #25 – Hold 322 Podcast

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