Ultimate Spider-Man #7This week on Hold 322… Superman acquits his convoluted story-line and manages to once again reference a future issue of Action Comics. Savage Hawkman is… comprehensible this month, mostly due to a new dialogue writer who doesn’t phone it in the way Tony S. Daniel seemed to (if only Rob Liefield weren’t taking over in May). I, Vampire and Justice League Dark get a nifty last-page crossover, and Hawkeye gives a Jeff-approved response to Captain America trying to add Venom to his team, and what’s with all the robots, Marvel? Jeff answers Bob’s question of the week, and as if she weren’t fabulous enough, our own Erin earns additional fame from Hold 322.

All this and Ultimate Spider-Man! Face front, true believers, it’s Hold 322!

Issue #21 – Hold 322 Podcast


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