The podcast may be taking a break, but the hold fills up every week. So here’s this week’s reviews!

Catwoman #4

Catwoman 4We take a brief pause for the first half, while Selina mourns and buries her friend. But then we get an age-old question answered… what would happen if a Gotham denizen (like Batman or Catwoman) fought a meta-human? Well Selina finds out for us. Hopefully cats land on their feet. Seriously though, this is one of the best of the new 52. If you haven’t read it yet, you should start now.


Nightwing #4

Nightwing 4As much as I enjoy what Johns and Lee are doing with Justice League, they’re ultimately writing for a trade paperback so they stretch out a single story over 6 or more issues. Sometimes it’s well done, other times it’s not. In the case of Nightwing, we get a single adventure and some great character development, all while Dick ponders the bigger case he’s working on. This is how a comic should be written! And as for drawing it, we get a new artist this month: Trevor McCarthy, and he gives us something often missing from hero books… He shows us how much the heroes enjoy crime fighting. The smile on Dick and Barbara’s faces as they’re swinging through Miami… It looks like fun, and I know I’d be smiling as well if it were me.

Justice League #4

JUSTICE LEAGUE 4Again, too short. They should have just done a graphic novel for this launch and left it at that. Still, we see Cyborg fully activated and realized, the pissing contest between the heroes continues as Aquaman steps into the fight, and we get our first appearance of Darkseid in all his dark glory. If you’re not reading this, you should be.


Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #5

Ultimate Spider-Man 5Miles meets Nick Fury and the Ultimates, and has a one-on-one with Nick. It’s a great moment between the two of them. Nick showing just how dangerous he can be with knowledge and Miles holding his own and proving himself. In the end, Fury gives him his new costume (the one that’s been on the covers for the first 4 issues and now we get the start of an all-new Spider-Man!


The Amazing Spider-Man #676

Amazing Spider-Man 676This was a brilliant year-end wrap up. No Spider-Man anywhere but on the cover. Not even Peter Parker. Just a full issue of the Sinister Six taking out a brain trust of M.O.D.O.K., the Wizard, the Mad Thinker and the Red Ghost. It’s a brilliant single issue that shows just how dangerous Spidey’s rogues gallery can be. And Mysterio get’s the winning moment in this issue. You’ll know it what you see it.


Wolverine #20

Wolverine 20A new story-arc begins, with yet another comic this week that handles all the action needed in a single issue while building for a much larger story. I’m not a fan of the Buzzard Brothers, and wasn’t that interested in their contribution to the story and action, however, the characters surrounding Logan reminds us he has a long and checkered past, and it seems like a lot of it is about to come to a head. Honestly though, I would have likely written this one off as just another typical Wolverine comic, until the last page. That left me with my jaw hanging open as I contemplated what that single image means for Logan.

The Incredible Hulk #3

INCREDIBLE HULK 3More all-out action as the Hulk takes on Banner’s boar-brothers in a battle of Earth-Shaking proportions. The series feels like it’s losing momentum, though, like they’ve milked the story for one issue too many (and we’re only on the 3rd issue).



The Invincible Iron Man #511

The Invincible Iron Man 511Tony’s rogues gallery are all conspiring against him, as the Mandarin plays a very patient game of discrediting Tony and tearing his world apart. There are still elements that aren’t totally ringing true to me as belonging in an Iron Man comic, but overall, the story is solid.



The Avengers #20

Avengers 20Norman plays his hand against the new “A” team of Avengers. We get a great moment between Storm and Rulk, and Hydra sends agents against the teams with the powers of the founding Avengers. Though there was a moment where Iron Man mentions his actions in the previous couple of issues of the New Avengers and calls the team “the New Avengers.” Is that really how they differentiate the two teams in the Marvel Universe? Shouldn’t he have just said “Luke’s team” and the editor could put in a box that said “see recent issues of New Avengers”? Just sayin’.